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in the political or philosophical soulmate, fellow social democrat. george w. bush was the president out of the nightmares. barack obama is the president. they say if the nobel committee could design the president from scratching the turnout a lot like barack obama. c. was a bit of a natural. it was a way of saying, from their point of view, saying ding the witch is dead here bright and george w. bush is no longer in the office. he's a new crime of placing a new day. .. that's exactly right. he county use a work -- he said it is a war that is winding down. he defended the afghan war quite strongly and he also said that security of europe have been supported by the blooded american soldier. things like that george martial like things. this one was more hawkish, that's true. >> host: we're coming close to the end, is peace a good idea? did you come away from the book thinking that peace prize makes sense that if it went away tomorrow -- [inaudible] >> guest: it's an important question and i force myself to answer in the yards ward of my -- afterward in my book. i hope there's information i
be >>ch vey chk happened two or three weeks ago. i just have to bring this p. after george w. bush left offic the club has its protocols and tradnsre wt of thrriddees il, h cic g o. virentcn ttt approach. [laughter] but when he finally broke cover ge ucveti weeks g n n x en pcter enr hbt coy ldticizeour president said that the public role of suppoing the current ecnin >>d tsis ang ag e lhoh about whether eisenher counts as a tean, and two men who had worked closely with eisenhower's presidenand johnson as majorityedr. l,e bl arumo. asinn,nss he ne yoron time. i need you more than evr now. the next morning eisenhower kicked in his car and tries to he es edyboy lyhe se le a. ond it's got a joint session of congress and here is that you need to say because the world is tching. the country is traumatized. one wonders what is going to hiasev yeeo thpotoh ug nnsda. key'enda was stalled in congressor not going anywhere. eisenhower ufficing him to ush it through. thiss not becau eiseower s ed ga. iss ciew evt mt t tredases o ilan continuity. throughout johnson's presidency, eisenhower placs
was a major initiative with george w. bush's administration said we would invest in those countries that has demonstrated that they are committed to the rule of law they are going to end corruption and had a sensible program to use this money but people are wasting their money in the heck with that. we don't deserve -- the american people shouldn't expect that. >> let me do what i enjoy doing so much to put you on the spot little bit. >> your secretary of state today. we have a fiscal cliff that we keep hearing about that we are facing. we may have sequestration of our military. we may have another downgrade. who knows where this is going to go. but you have to go up on the hill and make the case for dillinger this, you are for spending more. how would you do that today? >> i think i would make very clear that the security of the united states depends on the fact of lust having friends around the world and countries that we're people are able to live a decent life and where in fact there is not an environment that terrorists can take it vantage of. there is no direct line between poverty and
. during the administration of george w. bush, the department of education published a highly respected study and price increases and that caused them. they found the primary driver of tuition price increase in public institutions were three quarters of undergraduate students attend college is the change in state funding as states invest less money in higher education institutions respond by raising prices. the sun the relationship between the availability of federal and state grant and the ensuing tuition price increases in either public or private not-for-profit institutions. institutions raise prices by an application to ensure they increase their own financially programs to hold harmless media students. for example, last year our state cut michigan state university's appropriation by 15% and our board raise tuition 6.9% to compensate in part for these cuts. but the board also increased our own institutional grant aid a 10%, with 83% of grant dollars going to students with financial need. this is an example of what institutions need to do with their own financially programs. while pe
. in 2001 when president george w. bush decided to spend a large portion of the surpluses he inherited from president clinton to cut tax rates across the board many democrats opposed it because the tax cuts were unfairly waited towards the highest-income americans. as a result of this opposition, republicans were forced to set the tax cuts to expire at the end of 2010. as 2010 drew to a close president obama and many democrats in congress including myself supported extending the tax cuts for middle-class families but letting the lower rates on income above $200,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a family revert to the clinton-era levels, as was scheduled. senate republicans filibustered that effort refusing to allow the middle class tax cut without a tax cut for america's wealthiest. not wanting tax rates to go up on middle-class families still struggling during the economy. the president and senate democrats reluctantly agreed to extend all of the tax cuts through this year. which brings us to now. once again these tax rates are set to expire. i would like to keep rates low for middle-
george w. bush in september of 2008, the companies wouldn't have been able to pursue chapter 11 reorganization mr. wilson, mr. bloom, mr. feldman, is mr. rattner's this is that correct? do you agree that there simply were no other options available aside from complete liquidation on the path the was taken? >> we will start with you. smith it was our judgment, and i have no reason to question it coming and it was based on extensive talking in the market plus our own collective experience that if the government hadn't provided the financing that general motors went have been able and would have to liquidate. >> mr. feldman? >> i completely agree. we were in touch with the largest financial institutions in the world. they were not going to provide capital. we spoke to the largest funds in the world. they were talking about needing nine months to do diligence to make a determination as to whether they would make an investment. it was simply the u.s. government unfortunately was a lender of last resort, but it was the only lender in my view. >> that's correct. my written testimony th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6